Guma Elsayed Taher Mohamed

Address: Faculty of Engineering, Sabratha, University of Sabratha, P.O. Box 401 Sabratah, Libya.

Mobile Number:+218922329438      

Email Address:

Nationality: Libyan   


I am a lecturer with over 10 years experience as a university teacher and researcher in the areas of Environmental Chemistry, Occupational and Environmental Health, Waste Hazardous, Safety and Working Environment. In addition I have over 10 years experience as an Environmental Health and Safety Specialist with responsibilities to protect the welfare of workers in their work environment, to enforce safety regulations and work to eliminate chemical health hazards. I have also been involved in environmental risk assessment studies and several industrial environmental and safety audit reports.

  1. PhD degree in Environmental Health, Cardiff Metropolitan University, May 2012, UK;
  2. National Award for Information Technology (IT) Practitioners, Cardiff Tertiary College, 2003, UK;
  3. Master of Philosophy in Occupational Health and Working Environment, University of Wales, Cardiff, 2002;
  4. Certificate in Training Techniques in the field of Safety, 1992, Algeria;
  5. Certificate in Industrial Water and Waste Water Treatment, 1989, Greece;
  6. Certificate in Risk Management, British Safety Council, 1988;
  7. Diploma in Health and Safety Management, British Safety Council, 1988, UK;
  8. B.Sc degree in Environmental Studies, Faculty of Engineering and Technology, Sebha University, 1983 Libya.

October 2013 until now

  • Lecturer (Faculty of Engineering, Sabratah, University of Azzawiya, Azzawiya, Libya).

September 2007 to May 2012

  • Postgraduate Student (Cardiff Metropolitan University, P.O. Box: 377 Western Avenue, Cardiff CF5 2SG, UK).

October 2004 to August 2007

  • Lecturer Assistant (Faculty of Engineering, Sabratah, University of Azzawiya, Azzawiya, Libya).

October 2003 to September 2004

  • Safety Specialist (Gemmo Impianti – S.P.A, Libyan Branch, P.O. Box: 16108 Azzawiya, Libya.

January 2000 to July 2003

  • Postgraduate Student (University of Wales, P.O. Box: 377 Western Avenue, Cardiff CF5 2SG, UK).

February 1985 to December 1995

  • Environmental Inspector; Safety Specialist; Environmental Specialist (Azzawiya Oil Refining Company, P.O. Box: 6451 Tripoli, Libya).
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